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Training & Education

Updating your skills and knowledge to match new technologies

Need specific education and training? Contact us with your requests. Novaspect and Emerson are always updating and improving our educational offerings, based on new technologies, customer interests, and specific industrial demands.

Good training is the result of a good communication. Please begin a conversation with us about your company's interests and technical needs. Also, be sure to mention your calendar preferences, noting available dates. Your input is important to us and we will be sure to follow up on your questions and concerns.

How Training Adds Value
Novaspect & Emerson Educational Courses

How Training Adds Value

"As an application engineer, I have gained experience and knowledge in a wide variety of industries and applications. Every day seems to bring a new learning opportunity, and Novaspect has provided me with a great support system to lean on when attempting to achieve knowledge in unexplored areas."



Coming Training & Events

June 2--4, 2020; Schaumburg, IL; Course uses a hands-on approach for troubleshooting and correcting many common control valve problems. More Details? CLICK ICON 
June 8--12, 2020; Schaumburg, IL. Course covers the implementation of a complete
batch application; process simulator will provide batch application. More Details? CLICK ICON  
June 9--11, 2020; Midwest Valve Services, Wausau, WI. Course and hands-on workshop explains how valves and actuators function and how they are installed and calibrated. More details? CLICK ICON 
June 23--25, 2020; Midwest Valve Services, Minooka, IL. Course provides hands-on experience of working with Fisher™ ValveLink™ Solo Software for Configuration and Calibration of FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controllers. More Details? CLICK ICON 
2020 Novaspect / Emerson Training Schedule
2020 Novaspect / Emerson Training Schedule