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Secure Remote Access Solutions
Novaspect’s Secure Remote Access Solution (SRA) allows you to utilize full function operator and engineering sessions from locations remote to the control system. Full operator interface, configuration, and troubleshooting capabilities can be provided to remote locations with the same fidelity as if they are on a direct connection to the control system. Additional process DMZ firewalls and jump servers add layers of protection to your remote connections to maintain the security of your control system.


  • Firewall provided to establish Control System Perimeter network (L2.5)
  • Remote desktop jump server / gateway provided for DMZ​
    • Can be joined to existing customer
    • DMZ domain


All advanced features, plus:

  • Firewall provided to establish Control System Perimeter network (L2.5)
  • DMZ Virtual infrastructure
    • DMZ Domain Controller
    • RD Gateway
    • Certificate Authority
  • MFA optional for DMZ domain
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