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Green Liquor Green Liquor
Valve scaling can lead to costly process downtime.

Valve scaling can lead to costly process downtime.

Green liquor is a corrosive fluid that leaves scale deposits on the internal components of control valves, causing the valve to bind and resulting in poor flow control, which over time, can prevent the valve from closing. This scale build-up on the valve internals can become so severe that costly process downtime is required to clean the scale out of the valve.

Our solution is designed to address this challenge.

The internal components and flow passage of the Emerson Fisher™ CV500 Rotary Globe Control Valve are designed to reduce scale build-up. The V-notch ball cams go into and out of the seat, minimizing contact with the seat and the binding that can occur from scale build-up. When the V-notch ball cams rotate into the seat scale, build-up on the surface of the ball is removed, enabling positive shut off and reducing costly process downtime.

Avoid the scaling of equipment
Ensure effective process control
Reduce maintenance costs

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