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ARC Industrial Coatings ARC Industrial Coatings

ARC Industrial Coatings

ARC Coatings are in use every day, around the world, in numerous industries protecting process equipment against abrasive wear and metal loss under corrosive and abrasive flow conditions. Your pumps, fans, screws, agitators, and associated  structures are valuable assets and protecting them while maintaining their reliable operation, is critical to your plant's overall operational efficiency.
Metal Coatings
ARC Industrial Coatings

Metal Coatings

ARC metal coatings strengthen industrial surfaces with transformative enhancements that protect or rebuild original substrates. The results are improved chemical and/or abrasion resistance, as well as friction reducing enhancements. 

ARC industrial coatings have a proven 35-year track record in:

  • A wide array of process industries
  • Wet or dry application
  • Numerous types of process equipment and associated structures
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