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Specialty Chemical Production Controls and Systems
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Specialty Chemical Production Controls and Systems
CHALENGES: There are always challenges that come with exciting times. As such, manufacturing chemical products often require controlling complex processes, managing tough regulatory requirements, and creating a knowledge based workforce to be successful. To lead through these challenges, we have seen a desire to move towards top quartile reliability performance, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence.

While addressing these challenges, many of the Chemical sites we support are experiencing retirements of experienced operators, engineers, managers, electricians, chemists, and maintenance team members. While encouraging students to consider careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to enable future team members, Chemical industry leaders are collaborating with companies like ours on the common goal of improving plant performance.

We believe that current consumer and industrial trends like customized product selection and continuation of just in time deliveries to minimize inventory carrying costs, will keep the pressure on the non-bulk manufacturers to manage smaller production runs with shorter lead times. This is creating an opportunity for those flexible and highly reliable chemical manufacturers to create a sustainable competitive advantage for many years to come.

We believe that delivering operational excellence and top quartile reliability will be the keys to long-term success. Our approach is to leverage the Operational Certainty model of Emerson Automation Solutions. Operational Certainty helps drive toward top quartile performance by:

  • Improving Reliability
  • Minimizing Emissions
  • Optimizing Production
  • Ensuring Safety.

We are committed to working as a collaborative community with our customers. By doing so, we can help drive their Operational Certainty, using the Emerson Plantweb Digital Ecosystem as the roadmap to make investment decisions toward improving plant performance.

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