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Manufacturing Operations Management
Manufacturing Operations Management
The Worlds’ Most Agile, Flexible, Extensible Manufacturing Operations Management Platform
Monitor. Control. Optimize.

The Worlds’ Most Agile, Flexible, Extensible Manufacturing Operations Management Platform

from PARSEC™ is a software application and solution platform designed to help you manage the performance of your entire manufacturing operation in real time, from any web-connected device.

With a library of configurable features that conform to the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) standard architecture, TrakSYS allows you to deploy manufacturing operations management solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Use the built-in features and functions of TrakSYS to build solutions for virtually any challenge — from OEE and SPC, to E-Records, Traceability, Workflow, and more.

One Platform. Many Solutions.

Use the TrakSYS platform to create solutions for real-time, data-driven manufacturing operations management.
We have everything you need to succeed.
INVENTORY: Maintain tight control of inventory to increase production efficiency, and reduce working capital requirements.
PRODUCTION: Plan, schedule, execute, and deliver goods as efficiently and effectively as possible.
QUALITY: Gain real-time, insights into the causes of poor quality, and create a closed-loop system of quality management.
MAINTENANCE: Boost equipment performance and analysis of real-time data gathered from machines, to help maximize overall productivity through predictive maintenance.
Managing Inventory With TrakSYS
PARSEC Track & Trace

Managing Inventory With TrakSYS

Track and Trace Materials from Supplier to Finished Goods:
More Effective Inventory Management Using Real-Time Data

What can tracking a product's life cycle throughout production add to your manufacturing operations? 

In many industries, traceability of raw materials and finished goods throughout the production process is critical for protecting consumers and your brand. As legislation continues to drive attention and focus to manufacturing traceability, global enterprises have included traceability and genealogy as one of the core functionalities of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). 

With track and trace operationally-focused software, companies are able to follow and report on product locations and histories, including: 
•    Time spent at each facility
•    Ownership and hand off
•    Packaging arrangements
•    Storage conditions and energy use

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A Diagram Worth 1,000 Words
PARSEC TrakSYS™ WorkFlow

A Diagram Worth 1,000 Words

MES projects are complicated. MES projects are notorious for being difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Traditional techniques used for modeling and executing MES projects can become mazes of scripting and configuration that can only be successfully navigated by the original teams that designed them. As the years go by, and those teams retire or move on, the MES project that was meant to solve business needs can become a locked-down relic that users fear to alter, lest they interfere with the system's ability to function. What is the alternative?

The Lay of the Land

If you had to describe to someone who had never made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, held a butter knife, or opened a jar, would you rather:

A) Draft precise instructions that explain how to flex the muscles in one’s hand to open a jar, and the optimal angle a knife should be held at to spread peanut butter evenly.

B) Show the individual a series of numbered diagrams that visually depict each step of the process and incorporate text instructions in poignant ways.

While the above scenario may seem silly (albeit tasty), it is not dissimilar to how MES implementations can unfold. Workflows are often diagramed on paper or within a flowcharting application, which then go on to become the basis for configuration and scripting during implementation.

While effective, this method doesn’t always create a system that is easy and intuitive for future users to understand, maintain, and modify. That’s where TrakSYS Visual Workflow comes into play. The TrakSYS Visual Workflow tools are designed to make it possible for users and system architects to replace their paper-based diagrams with a digital, dynamic, and contextualized modeling environment within TrakSYS.

Download our infographic now, and follow along as we explore a scenario where an in stock item is ordered, processed, and shipped.

Novaspect Granted Partner Program Membership from PARSEC

Novaspect Granted Partner Program Membership from PARSEC

Novaspect Granted Partner Program Membership from PARSEC
Novaspect has officially partnered with PARSEC in distributing the TrakSYS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software platform. Membership in the Partner Program is based on meeting specific requirements and qualifications which must be met annually. Based on their achievements, Partners may attain progressively higher levels of qualification and certification.
To initially qualify for membership, Partners with subject matter expertise must:
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise
  • Have references in specific industry verticals
  • Have TrakSYS-trained engineers
  • Meet the program participation and continuing education requirements.
Partner Certification
To achieve certification, a partner must demonstrate their capabilities related to successful deployments of TrakSYS-based solutions. Specifically, they must have:
  • A minimum of two certified TrakSYS engineers at each listed location
  • Clear internal guidelines for following documented best practices
  • A minimum number of projects delivered successfully
Partners are independent entities and are not owned and operated by Parsec.
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