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Control Standards: Fit for Your Application

Control Standards, our class-based portfolio of engineered Control Valves, provides solutions to meet all levels of criticality and performance needs – all from a single source. Whether the situation demands high performance or a budget friendly solution, we have best-in-class options that balance performance with total cost of ownership.

Each Control Standard assembly contains three elements and is assembled and delivered by Novaspect as a single product ready for installation. The Control Standards leverage different Emerson technologies to provide three classes of performance to meet the various needs of application criticality. When the demands are greatest, a Control Standard One Fisher Assembly is unmatched. For less demanding applications, we offer equipment fit to balance performance with price.

By fitting the right equipment to the application, costs are balanced without compromising performance, reliability, or breaking your maintenance budget.

Control Standard One

Control Standard One

Highest process accuracy (0.5%) and best performing assembly suitable for fast-acting, high criticality applications.

Spring and Diaphragm Actuator is the lowest maintenance actuator designed for constant movement.

Lowest lifecycle cost for control valve applications.
Control Standard Two

Control Standard Two

Provides process accuracy of 1%-2% appropriate for medium to slow applications.

High cycle Scotch Yoke Actuator is easy to maintain and fits most applications.

Balances capital costs with maintenance costs and control performance.
Control Standard Three

Control Standard Three

Capable of 4%-5% process accuracy for slow-acting, non-critical applications.

Rack and Pinion Actuator provides long service life in less demanding applications.

Offers lowest capital cost of the Control Standards.


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