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Industrial Control System Info Event Management Industrial Control System Info Event Management
Industrial Control System Info Event Management
The Novaspect’s System Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides a single tool to review all your logs in one place. This helps reduce the time needed to troubleshoot issues and can help prevent issues with early detection.The SIEM for DeltaV Systems can be set up to allow you to proactively monitor events and logs in real-time by correlating information and event logs from your integrated DeltaV control system, including Windows Events and Syslog and Network Device.


Architectural Consultation

  • Design a secure architecture that allows the customer to pull SIEM data from the ICS to wherever they want to view the data

Installation Services

  • Onsite Hardware and software installation

Training Services

  • Training the onsite team on how to view logs, make changes and provide value with the tool.

Maintenance Services

  • Twice yearly onsite services to keep the tool on the latest version and patched

Configuration Updates

  • Twice yearly onsite services to add new items or reconfigure old device to pull more data

Incident Response

  • 24/7 365 response VIA our Novaspect Technical Access line to address Cyber Emergencies found with the SIEM
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