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Intelligent Staging Intelligent Staging
Efficiency and peak performance are non-negotiable for data centers.

Efficiency and peak performance are non-negotiable for data centers.

Multiple chillers or pumps may be installed to deliver redundant operation in the event of a shut down or maintenance of the cooling system. But the existence of redundant equipment doesn’t guarantee efficient operation. One or two chillers often handle the bulk of the workload, creating a strain on the entire system.

With the right technical expertise and programming, intelligent staging can satisfy this challenge.

When the system is programmed to automatically divert the workload to the chiller that has operated the least, failures, downtime and maintenance are reduced. System heat loads can also be diverted to designated chillers to further manage energy reductions. The result is improved efficiency and performance system-wide and greater peace of mind.
Improve efficiency, performance, and reliability with intelligent staging
Reduce risk of equipment failures at peak-load conditions
Balance wear of chillers and pumps
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