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Achieving better performance starts with reliable services and training.

Achieving better performance starts with reliable services and training.

Single Source Solutions

Our full life-cycle support services deliver a streamlined, single-source experience. From warehousing and inventory to engineering, valve repair and electrical panel design, our capabilities save customers time and deliver an enhanced level of expertise.

Highly trained Novaspect technicians are available to provide services as scheduled maintenance, or during outages or emergencies. With on- and off-site capabilities and mobile repair trailers, our service staff can become an extension of your team and a partner in your success.

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Shiftconnector enterprise platform supports plant process management initiatives by helping manufacturing shift workers and their managers to track compliance, ensure safety, and improve performance through knowledge-sharing. By supporting a ‘single source of truth,’ Shiftconnector ensures collaboration with complete transparency and creates a knowledge bank of easily accessible information from anywhere. Formore details, download the informative brochure.
Customers Benefit with Accuracy and Delivery

Customers Benefit with Accuracy and Delivery

Check it out: Take a tour of our MODULA automated storage system at Basswood in Schaumburg. The big benefit to customers of our using this system for inventory:  It makes filling their orders faster and makes our records more accurate; so we know exactly what we have in stock and can pick it and ship it the same day.
Service Centers throughout our territory enable fast response.
24 / 7 / 365 Service and Technical Support
National Board Certified repair center for steam, liquid, and gas safety relief valves
Dedicated warehouse, valve, and instrument repair shop and fabrication facilities
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