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Crosby™ Balanced Diaphragm and Crosby™ Bellows Leak Detection Crosby™ Balanced Diaphragm and Crosby™ Bellows Leak Detection

Pressure Relief Valve Solutions Improve Performance and Reduce Emissions

Crosby™ J-Series Direct Spring Pressure Relief Valves

J-Series valves provide high quality and dependable overpressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in one simple design. Now available with two new to the world technologies, Balanced Diaphragm and Bellows Leak Detection.
Crosby Balanced Diaphragm

Crosby Balanced Diaphragm

Lower maintenance costs, improve reliability, and increase safety

Eliminates the need for bellows in PRVs, while providing balanced operation against backpressure to lower cost of ownership and enhance performance.

This technology extends the backpressure limits to 80% of set pressure and increases the Kb factor up to 15%, expanding the application range of spring-loaded PRVs. Diaphragms are inherently more resilient than bellows for higher backpressures and rapid pressure cycling applications.

Features and Customer Benefits
  • 20% greater backpressure handling improves reliability during backpressure surges.
  • 15% improvement in Kb factor enables sizing of smaller and/or fewer valves.
  • 100x more resilient than metal bellows for high-frequency cycling, ensuring safety.
  • Easily convert existing Crosby J-Series with Balanced Diaphragm upgrade kits
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Crosby Bellows Leak Detection

Crosby Bellows Leak Detection

Ensure balanced operation, reduce fugitive emissions, and provide instant notification of a bellows failure.

Bellows Leak Detection is a safer and more efficient method to detect bellows ruptures and emissions. It ensures balanced operation with a backup piston and reduces emissions by over 90% in the event of a bellows rupture.

Features and Customer Benefits
  • Instant notification of bellows rupture allows effective maintenance protocol.
  • Detection of small ruptures, from 0.0009in2 (D orifice).
  • Ensured balanced operation after bellows rupture enhances safety.
  • Leakage volumetric calculation in real-time for risk assessment and decision making. 
  • Over 90% reduction of leakage through bonnet vent.

Easily enhance existing Crosby J-Series with Bellows Leak Detection upgrade kits.
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