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Reliable. Trusted. Safe.

Reliable. Trusted. Safe.

Introducing Bettis RTS Electric Actuators. These reliable, trusted and safe electric actuators support critical fail-safe applications and demanding process control requirements. The robust and compact design offers continuous modulation with configurable speed options that are widely used on valves for oil & gas, power, chemical, HVAC, and water and wastewater industries.
About Bettis™

True Fail-Safe Technology and Precise Process Control

The RTS Electric Actuators are built upon half a century of innovation, reliability and success in the field. These technologically advanced electric actuators are designed to increase operational safety, improve plant productivity, minimize downtime and reduce cost with a portfolio that meets the needs of control and fail-safe applications. The RTS compact actuators are an intelligent, non-intrusive design available for multi-turn, linear and quarter-turn outputs for both on/ off and process control applications.

Reliable Fail-Safe Actions

Repeatable, reliable fail-safe shutdowns using a mechanical spring action ensures shutdown power is always available during an emergency.

Robust Design + Versatility

The compact, lightweight and versatile design of the RTS adjusts to fit space constraints for quarter-turn, multi-turn and linear valves. Housed in a corrosion-resistant aluminum casing, the product design delivers long life and reliability.

Continuous Process Control

High precision and continuous control contributes to plant efficiency. The RTS excels in continuous modulation duty, bringing your electric points into full control.

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Advanced Local User Interface

Advanced Local User Interface

Preventative maintenance is easier than ever with Bettis. RTS actuators include an integrated data logging capability that records data in real time, provides meter readings, displays operating status, history, warning alerts and more.
Which Solution Is Right For You?

Which Solution Is Right For You?


By answering the following questions, our team at Novaspect can determine the right RTS product and find an electric solution that works for your business:
  • What type of valve is being actuated (i.e. multi-turn, quarter-turn, or linear)?
  • What type of service do you need? Basic on/off, modulating, or continuous control?
  • Is fail-safe desired in the application?
  • What torque or thrust range is necessary to operate the valve?
  • Is there a preference on design style? Intelligent, non-intrusive actuators provide the latest technology. Yet, many customers still prefer a conventional style. Novaspect offers both designs.
Based on your answers, Novaspect's team of experts can recommend the correct product for your system and needs.
Emerson Electric Actuation Portfolio

Emerson Electric Actuation Portfolio

Tiered Based on Performance and Value
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