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Pulp & Paper

Changing Times

As an automation and equipment reliability solutions provider, Novaspect is on the front line with our paper industry customers as they have experienced unprecedented changes over the last 10+ years. Technology, consumer preferences, and population growth have been the big drivers of change. For instance, media paper demand (magazine, newspaper, printing, and copy) continues to decline as more people are reading from tablets, phones, and computers and saving these on local or cloud-based storage for later reference. At the same time, more people are shopping on-line and having their purchases shipped to them (in packages). We are also experiencing worldwide population growth (towel and tissue) and an aging baby boomer population requiring additional medical attention (medical grade paper). Finally, we have valued convenience, which has spawned more restaurants that require paper products for cleaning and napkins for customers.


There are always challenges that come with change. As such, changing product mix and requirements for developing new grades will favor those mills that have flexibility designed into their paper machines and a flexible and technically skilled workforce. Successful operations in a pulp and paper mill require controlling complex processes, managing tough regulatory requirements, and creating a knowledge-based workforce to be successful. To lead through these challenges, we have seen a desire to move towards top quartile reliability performance, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence. Success moving forward will require an understanding of these changing market dynamics, and close collaboration with your customers and companies like ours on new product ideas to stay relevant into the future.

STEM team future

While addressing these challenges, many of the pulp & paper mills we support are experiencing retirements of experienced operators, engineers, managers, electricians, and maintenance team members. At the same time, the new team members have the burden of understanding the old technology installed and help lead the modernization to new technologies that would provide the infrastructure to support top quartile performance. Filling these future roles will be challenging unless more students consider careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


Our Insight:

We believe that current consumer and industrial trends like consuming media on phones and tablets and home deliveries of purchases will continue for the years to come. This will require pulp and paper companies to manage their product offerings to flange up with changing consumer preferences – it will continue to be sizing supply with demand and then generating demand through new product innovation. This is creating an opportunity for those flexible and highly reliable pulp and paper mills and corporations to create a sustainable competitive advantage for many years to come.

We believe that delivering operational excellence and top quartile reliability will be the keys to long-term success. Our approach is to leverage the Operational Certainty model of Emerson Automation Solutions. Operational Certainty helps drive toward top quartile performance by:

  • Improving Reliability
  • Minimizing Emissions
  • Optimizing Production
  • Ensuring Safety.

We are committed to working as a collaborative community with our customers. By doing so, we can help drive their Operational Certainty, using the Emerson Plantweb Digital Ecosystem as the roadmap to make investment decisions toward improving plant performance.

Our Expertise:

We have been fortunate enough to work with a number of pulp and paper mills that have leveraged our application and controls expertise to improve their business results. With over 80 years serving the paper industry as a valve and automation solutions provider, we have developed expertise and pass that tribal knowledge on while leveraging new innovative approaches that are available with technology. In essence, our strength is continuous learning and executing best practices. Here are some of the areas that are relevant to the paper industry include the following.

  • Architecting the DeltaV Distributed Control System for Pulp and Paper processes – Improved plant performance through reduced product variability, increased throughput, and improved reliability.
  • Optimizing continuous processes around constraints – continuous digesters, semi-chemical thermal mechanical pulping, brown stock washing, bleaching, evaporator controls, causticizing, lime kiln controls, cleaning and screening, stock preparation, refiner controls (freeness), paper machine controls, drying controls, etc.
  • Optimizing batch processes to reduce cycle times and variability– batch digesters, batch pulpers, starch make-down, coating kitchens, etc.
  • Minimizing energy consumed and variability during drying.
  • Minimizing fuel burned across the combustion curve for your boilers.
  • Reducing header pressure swings with proven control strategies and expert tuning.
  • Reducing time to trouble-shoot a tripped boiler or fired heater with our burner management systems (BMS).
  • Protecting vessels with our pressure protection solutions: control valves, regulators, pressure relief valves, and safety relief valves.
  • Reducing process variability and increasing service life with valve selection and procurement.
  • Improving process reliability and managing production targets with control system design and procurement (DCS, ICSS, PAS, and PLCs).
  • Reducing process variability with proper control strategy design and implementation services.
  • Improving operator performance with high performance graphic display design (HMI) and implementation.
  • Minimizing nuisance alarms leveraging an alarm management design and implementation process (ISA 18.2)
  • Eliminating or reducing leaks and spills by expert applications of fluid sealing solutions – Application Engineering and product selection mechanical seals, gaskets, and packing.
  • Complying with fugitive emissions requirements with low emissions valve packing.
  • Predictive Maintenance to enable condition monitoring of instruments, valves, and rotating equipment.
  • Protecting your rotating equipment and your personnel with Machinery Protection Systems.
  • Improving communications and access to experts with mobility solutions – mobile worker, DeltaV Mobile, AMS ARES, and Electronic Logbooks.
  • Providing historical knowledge for process improvements leveraging process historians – DeltaV and OSIsoft PI.
  • Extending asset life of plant equipment with protective coatings on tanks and metal parts to protect against erosion and corrosion.

Our Offerings:

Operation Certainty – for a sustainable advantage
DeltaV – DCS, SIS, BMS, PAS, ICSS – Greenfield, Brownfield, Expansions, Modernizations
Visualization & Mobility – DeltaV Operate, DeltaV Live, DeltaV Mobile, Mobile Worker, Logbooks, ARES
Alarm Management – Alarm Rationalization, DeltaV Alarm Operations, Analyze, Alarm Help, & Alarm Mosaic
Batch Control & Operations – DeltaV Batch, Analytics, Historian, Recipe Studio, Campaign Manager, Recipe Exchange
Advanced Control for Process Variability Reduction and Optimization – DeltaV Insight, Adapt, Fuzzy, Neural, Predict,
Predict Pro, EnTech Toolkit, SmartProcess Solutions Application Packages
Equipment & Device Health – AMS Device Manager & Snap-On/s, AMS MHM, Condition monitoring – on-line vibration, DeltaV
Diagnostics, DeltaV System Health Monitoring, Back-up & Recovery, Virtualization
Plantweb Advisor Series – Health Advisor, Performance Advisor, Energy Advisor
Historians and Event Tracking – DeltaV Continuous Historian, Advanced Continuous Historian (OSIsoft PI), Enterprise
Historian (OSIsoft PI), Event Chronicle, DeltaV Reporter
People Reliability – Learning Programs, Operator Training Simulations (MIMIC)
Support Plans – support plan options – ST100, ST200, ST300, ST400
Final Control – Final Control: Control valves, pressure relief valves, automated valves, isolation valves, actuators, and regulators.
Prediction & protection systems – AMS 6500, AMS 9420, AMS 9330, AMS 2600, AMS 6300, Sensors, Probes, turnkey solutions.
Field Communicators – AMS TREX (Instruments & Valves), AMS 2140 (Vibration Monitoring and Alignment)
Fluid Sealing – Mechanical Seals, Low E packing, Gaskets
Asset Life Extension – Advanced Reinforced Coatings (ARC)
Valve & Instrument Services – Midwest Valve Services, Emerson I&VS
Reliability Services – Vibration Monitoring, Balancing and Alignment, Motion Amplification, 3D Model Analysis.
Plantweb Digital Ecosystem – Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT)

Note: If the information you are looking does not appear in this section, feel free to reach out to us to determine if we offer it or if we can make a recommendation to help.

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