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Valve Reliability Workshop - A Practical Approach to Valve Maintenance

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$95.00 Per Person
Holiday Inn & Suites Rock Run Convention Center, Joliet IL & Novaspect, Mosinee WI
  • Holiday Inn Joliet, IL
    Jun 4, 2024
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  • Mosinee, WI
    Jun 6, 2024
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A Practical Approach to Valve Maintenance

Your plant has many different valve types that control and protect your processes.  Our experts will review the basics of how these valves function and share some tips and tricks to maintain and repair them.  Our goal is to give your team confidence about what is needed to keep your assets operational and increase your plant availability.  There will be a keynote presentation about how Top Quartile Performers optimize valve performance and reliability that includes newly released control valve maintenance intervals. Following are the instructor led breakout sessions that you can chose from:
  1. PRV Maintenance & Monitoring
  2. Valve Automation Considerations with Pneumatic Actuators
  3. Steam Trap & Steam Regulator Best Practices  
  4. Control Valve Diagnostics
  5. Industrial & Natural Gas Regulator Maintenance
  6. Isolation Valve Repair Guidelines
  7. Electric Actuator Maintenance & MOV Diagnostics
  8. Hands-on w/Fisher’s newest Instrumentation:  The DVC7K & 4400

Joliet Illinois Workshop

Tuesday, June 4th
Holiday Inn & Suites Rock Run Convention Center
1471 Rock Creek Blvd.
Joliet, IL 60431

Mosinee Wisconsin Workshop

Thursday, June 6th
875 Indianhead Dr.
Mosinee, WI 54455

"Reliability: A Secret Weapon for Top Quartile Performance"

Featured Speaker: Mark Nord
Control Valve Architect, Emerson Automation Solutions

Have you ever driven your car for over 100,000 trouble-free miles without changing the oil, replacing the tires and performing other periodic maintenance?  Probably not. Yet in many cases in the industrial world valves and other pieces of equipment are installed and expected to operate for 30-40 years trouble-free with little to no maintenance during that period.  Some industry estimates say that as many as 70% of the industrial operational issues and downtime are caused by valve issues.  This discussion will explore the different types of maintenance practices that can be performed on valves, Reactive, Preventative, Predictive and Proactive and the technology used to implement these practices. All with the goal of increasing uptime, reducing costs and minimizing or eliminating unplanned downtime.
Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Session Topics

  • Industrial & Natural Gas Regulator Maintenance
    • This session will provide a comprehensive review of multiple styles of regulators such as direct operated, pilot operated and back pressure regulators.  In addition, you will learn the principle operations, basic sizing, basic maintenance, and troubleshooting ideas.
  • Steam Trap & Steam Regulator Best Practices
    • This session will review steam traps and regulators found in steam systems and how they operate. Basic troubleshooting of these valves and benefits of proper maintenance such as safety, emissions, and reliability will be discussed.
  • Isolation Valve Repair Guidelines
    • This workshop will focus on repair of Isolation Valves, specifically gate, globe and stop check type valves.  We will discuss common failure modes for each specific valve component and demonstrate examples of repair opportunities for each part. 
  • PRV Maintenance & Monitoring
    • This session is meant to give you a basic understanding of the different types of Pressure Relief valves (Spring Operated and Pilot Operated) and a better knowledge of how they operate and typical failure causes/modes. We will review the terminology that is associated when discussing these valves.  There will be a section on  the maintenance of relief valves and breaking down of the internals, specifics on what you can do if the valve is leaking  and the various methods for test and repair.  We will also introduce methods for remote monitoring of relief valves.
  • Hands-on w/Fisher’s newest Instrumentation: The DVC7K & 4400  
    • The session will provide you with the opportunity to set-up and calibrate the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVC7K Digital Valve Controller and the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ 4400 Digital Position Transmitter.  The DVC7K is Fisher’s newest Digital Valve Controller that has a local LCD display and push button calibration. Advice at the Device™:  An LED status light will inform you of an alert so you can interrogate for additional diagnostics.   The 4400 Position Transmitter provides local push button calibration and non-contact position sensing for both rotary and linear valves.  The 4400 also provides diagnostics unlike any other position transmitter.
  • Control Valve Diagnostics
    • Fisher FIELDVUE experts will walk you through the control valve troubleshooting process when diagnosing performance problems using both the on-line and off-line diagnostics tools available in ValveLink. Your roadmap for troubleshooting control valves will start with the first travel deviation alert you get.
  • Electric Actuator Repair & MOV Diagnostics
    • Bettis Electric actuator experts will cover the differences between standard electro-mechanical design and “non-intrusive” electronic design.  We will review best practices for installation and maintenance using basic methods and new diagnostic software that can help troubleshoot problems and increase the life cycle and reliability of your equipment.
  • Valve Automation Considerations With Pneumatic Actuators
    • Pneumatic Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke Actuator expers will discuss the maintenance and troubleshooting for isolation valve assemblies with focus on the automation. They will walk you through planned scheduled maintenance, identifying common challenges and troubleshooting on valve automation packages to ensure continued and optimal performance.
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