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Fisher™ T208 Series Tank Blanketing Vapor Recovery Regulators
The T208 Series are direct-operated tank blanketing vapor recovery regulators.
These regulators are used to sense an increase in vessel pressure and vent excessive internal tank pressure to an appropriate vapor recovery disposal or reclamation system. T208 Series may also be used as backpressure regulators or relief valves.

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Fisher™ T208 Series Tank Blanketing Vapor Recovery Regulators


Body Sizes
3/4 or 1-inch / DN 20 or 25
Maximum Allowable Inlet (Casing) Pressure
Gray Cast Iron: 35 psig / 2.4 bar
WCC Carbon Steel, LCC Carbon Steel or CF8M/CF3M Stainless Steel: 75 psig / 5.2 bar
Maximum Outlet Pressure
35 psig / 2.4 bar
Max Emergency Inlet Pressure to Avoid Internal Parts Damage
NBR or FKM diaphragm: 35 psig / 2.4 bar
FEP diaphragm: 10 psig / 0.7 bar
Standard Temperature Capabilities
NBR: -20 to 180°F / -29 to 82°C
FEP: -20 to 180°F / -29 to 82°C
EPDM: -20 to 225°F / -29 to 107°C
High Temperature Capbailities
FKM: 40 to 300°F / 4 to 149°C
FFKM: 0 to 300°F / -18 to 149°C
Spring Case Vent Connection
1/4 NPT
Diaphragm Case Control Line Connection (Type T208M)
1/2 NPT
Approximate Weight
17.7 pounds / 8 kg
Additional Technical Data
For additional technical information, contact your local Sales Office or refer to technical documentation.


  • Accurate Control
  • Easy conversion between constructions
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Arctic Construction Option
  • FDA/USP Class VI Approved/ADI-free Construction Option


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