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Fisher™ Type 310A Pressure Reducing Regulator
Type 310A fuel pressure regulator is used for high-pressure applications which require fast response such as fuel gas supply to a gas turbine or other large volume applications.
The Type 310A fuel pressure regulator includes one Type 32A pilot assembly mounted on the main valve for pressure reducing or wide-open monitoring applications. Type 310A fuel pressure regulator has accurate control, tight shutoff, high capacity, and fast speed of response.

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Fisher™ Type 310A Pressure Reducing Regulator


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles
CL300 RF and CL600 RF: NPS 1, 2, 3, 4, or 4 x 6 / DN 25, 50, 80 100, or 100 x 200
Maximum Inlet Pressure
1480 psig / 102 bar
Maximum Outlet (Casing) Pressure
1480 psig / 102 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges
10 to 750 psig / 0,69 to 51,7 bar in five ranges
Temperature Capabilities
-20° to 300°F / -29° to 149°C


  • High Capacity—The highly efficient axial flow design produces exceptionally high capacities.
  • Tight Shutoff—Throttling-sleeve design with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seat in the body ensures positive shutoff.
  • Accurate Control—Molded pilot diaphragms provide a narrow proportional band and registration of outlet pressure on the main diaphragm allows excellent control sensitivity.
  • Fast Speed of Response—Designed to meet stringent speed of response requirements for turbine startup and fuel gas applications.
  • Absolutely No Atmospheric Bleed—Eliminates nuisance and wasteful bleed gas to atmosphere by utilizing a pilot-operated control system, which bleeds 100% of the gas to the downstream system.
  • High Turn Down Capability—The oversized diaphragm and unique piloting system allow for high turn down, providing superior pressure control in systems with large variations in downstream flow demand.
  • Minimum Installation Space Required—Since main valve design incorporates actuator spring, less installation space is needed for the Type 310A than for other regulators of comparable capacity.
  • Long Life in Severe Service Application—The metal plug design deflects particles and debris away from the soft-seat, which gives excellent particle erosion resistance, prolonging service life.


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