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TP-1 Top Entry Ball Valve

TP-1 Top Entry Ball Valve

Cornerstone TP-1 Top Entry Ball Valve: In-line repairable, unidirectional, forged, trunnion ball valve.  Quality begins at the heart of the valve: one-piece ball/stem/trunnion is solid, responsive, reliable and prevents hysteresis.
TP-1 Top-Entry Power Valve
Cornerstone TP-1 Top-Entry Power Valve: In-line, repairable; trunnion ball valve; forged bar; unidirectional.


  • Straight forward, proven trunnion-mounted design: reduces torque, maintenance, and downtime.
  • Upstream unidirectional shut-off: pre-loading provides uniform torque and pressure assist assures a tighter seal.
  • Simple valve design allows easy modification of end connections to fit the application.
  • One-piece ball/stem: solid, responsive and reliable to prevent hysteresis.


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