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Fisher™ Z500 Severe Service Ball Valve
The Fisher Z500 severe service ball valve is a simplistic, two-piece floating ball design with an integral metal seat that provides tight shutoff in high temperature, high pressure, and erosive applications.
The mate-lapped ball and seat constructions help ensure sealing. The high-velocity oxyfuel coatings (HVOF) provide excellent corrosion resistance and help eliminate the problems associated with severe service conditions.
Fisher™ Z500 Severe Service Ball Valve


Body Design
Side Entry
Reduced Port, Full Port
Forged Carbon Steel, Forged Stainless Steel, Forged Alloys
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature, High Temperature
Power Source
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Gear, Lever, Electro-Hydraulic
Pressure Class
Process Connection Type
Butt Weld, RTJ, Threaded, Socket Weld, Hub, Double Flanged
Seat / Seal Type
Shutoff Class
API 598, Class V or VI (FCI 70-2), ISO 5208 Rate A
Valve Size
NPS 1/2, NPS 1, NPS 1-1/2, NPS 2, NPS 2-1/2, NPS 3, NPS 4, NPS 6, NPS 8, NPS 10, NPS 12, NPS 14, NPS 16, NPS 18, NPS 20, NPS 24, NPS 30, NPS 36
Other Configurations
Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.


  • Integral 90 degree lockplate design prevents over-rotation and maintains critical alignment on lever-operated valves.
  • The side-mounted bracket helps prevent stem and packing box side load and bolt stress loads by attaching to the side of the valve body.
  • Packing design utilizes live-loaded spring washers for easy adjustment.
  • Lever-operated valves have a contact-proof stem adapter designed to prevent the stem from being knocked into the ball, causing misalignment and possible leakage.
  • Rugged, one-piece, machined, surface-hardened, and polished stem is designed to be blow-out proof.
  • Preferred sealing seat is machined into the end adapter, coated, and mate-lapped with the ball.
  • Full metal construction for an inherently fire-safe design.
  • The high-velocity oxyfuel coating (HVOF) forms a very hard and dense coating on the base metal of the ball forming a strong mechanical bond.


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