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Yarway Narvik Model 20 Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
Yarway covers requirements for desuperheaters, pneumatic actuators, strainers with a wide range of models, sizes and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power-pulp and paper industry and process gas applications
Yarway Narvik Model 20 Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator


Operating Temperature
Less Than 50 C, Standard Temperature


  • Fabricated construction
  • Completely assembled, including spare parts, on stock
  • Model: 20 - 55 for a stroke of 55 mm Max. thrust: 11 kN (48.800 lbf)
  • Model: 20 - 90 for a stroke of 90 mm Max. thrust: 10 kN (44.400 lbf)
  • Both direct acting, stem extends with air pressure
  • Max. air supply: 6.0 barg
  • Air connection: ½” NPT female
  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Epoxy coating: Primer (60-80 µm),Top coat (50-70 µm),Color RAL 5021


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