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AgileOps provides consistency and reliability to the control system by keeping it optimally configured for the process state.
The AgileOps Suite includes a master alarm database, advanced alarm shelving, dynamic alarm management, safety system monitoring, input tracking, and alarm performance reporting against industry standard KPIs.


Server Hardware Requirements
2.20 GHz 8 core processors, 64 GB Ram, 512 GB hard drive
Server Software Requirements
Windows Server 2016 (fully patched), Microsoft SQL Server standard 2016 with latest service pack


  • Master Control System Database – Central repository for viewing, configuring and managing all alarm data. The online database, compatible with ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682, greatly enhances your ability to audit and rationalize alarms by providing a unified view of all control system settings.
  • Dynamic Alarm Management – Allows the alarm configuration to change based on the operating state of your facility which improves situational awareness of the operator and reduces alarm floods.
  • List Management – Manage malfunctioning alarms, stale alarms or broken instrumentation. With advanced alarm shelving capabilites, AgileOps reduces nuisance alarms, auto re-enable alarms, and minimizes the length of the alarm summary at your facility.
  • EventKPI – Monitor alarm metrics and track key performance indicators. With powerful dashboard capabilities, out-of-the-box and customizable reports, AgileOps can aggregate alarm data across the unit, site, or enterprise.
  • SIF Tracker – Track the integrity of your safety system. Monitor bypasses and interlocks to determine if your safety system is operating normally, operating in a degraded state, or if a safety function is active.
  • Input Tracker – Monitor bypasses, interlocks, operating envelopes, and integrity operating windows (IOWs). Track frequency and time in degression on a unit, facility, or enterprise basis.
  • AgileOps is compliant with API RP1167, IEC 62682 and ISA 18.2 standards and is designed to help you meet these standards when coupled with Emerson’s alarm rationalization services.
  • AgileOps is compatible with many control systems including Emerson DeltaV® and Ovation™, Honeywell Experion®and TDC®, Siemens PCS7® and APACS, ABB 800xA, DOW’s MOD 5, and Schneider Foxboro®, TIS/OMM, ClearSCADA, and Yokogawa Centum VP. AgileOps also offers a generic connector for other systems not listed.


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