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Emerson Smart Firewall for the DeltaV™ System
Emerson Smart Firewall
The Emerson Smart Firewall is a built-for-purpose perimeter firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) specifically designed to provide an easy to install and easy to maintain perimeter security solution for a DeltaV™ distributed control system.
The Emerson Smart Firewall is a hardware-based perimeter protection solution designed to enforce highly controlled external network access to a DeltaV DCS.
Emerson Smart Firewall for the DeltaV™ System


Firewall configuration is supported using the built-in browser-based interface. Configuration access allowed only from the secure side of the firewall.
Ethernet Ports
2x copper, 1 DeltaV workstation (internal) port, 1 external LAN port. 10/100 MB auto-negotiating network speed supported. IPv4 only.
USB ports
1 USB 2.0 rear facing for configuration storage only, used to facilitate replacement of firewall. Configuration is pulled from the USB drive on power up of the firewall.
1 RS232 (recover admin password and IP address only, no configuration access through the serial port). No command line configuration support. Serial cable not include with product.
Alarm Contacts
Front panel - TTL output normally HIGH (+5VDC), goes to LOW state if one or both power cords are unplugged or if there is an internal predefined fault
Front Panel LEDs
1- Green Power LED. 1- Red power supply fault LED. 2- Front panel LAN ports with Link Status and Activity LEDs.
Rear Access/Power
Redundant power connections. US power cables included with firewall. Rear access not required during operation. USB port (populated from factory) contains nano USB drive to hold configuration for easy replacement of the firewall.
Dimensions and Weight
43.18 x 477.52 x 249.94 [mm] (1.7 x 18.8 x 9.84 [in]) HxWxD - 3.18 Kg (7 lb)
Redundant power inputs. Input voltage: 85-264 / 50-60Hz. Power cords supplied with the unit. 77 BTU/h
Operating Temperature
0 to 40° C (32 to 104° F) - fanless design


  • User friendly interface provides simplified and easy to understand setup menus
  • Easy to understand menu choices allow DeltaV™ support personnel to manage the perimeter security of a DeltaV system
  • Dynamic port mapping provides a more secure perimeter solution when using classic OPC-based communications
  • DeltaV™ Network Device Command Center allows you to connect the firewall to integrate the hardware status into the DeltaV alarm system
  • Allows you to meet emerging security standards that require strong network perimeter protection with an economical and easy to implement solution


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