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SmartProcess™ Heater
SmartProcess Fired Heater
SmartProcess Heater and HeaterPro Optimizers deliver energy savings and more stable operation of fired process heaters.
SmartProcess Heater combines advanced regulatory and combustion control modules to optimize operation of multi-pass process heaters. Combustion controls maintain safe operation while continuously operating closer to maximum efficiency.
SmartProcess™ Heater


System Compatibility
SmartProcess Heater applications are available on DeltaV v11.3 and higher systems


  • Control total feed to target with allocation for up to 4 passes
  • Control outlet temperature to the desired target
  • Adjust inlet air and draft dampers to minimize excess air
  • Combustion control including fuel/ air cross limiting
  • Stabilize heater against changes in fuel gas and feed temperature
  • Operate within all heater constraints


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