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Infrared Inspection Windows
Infrared Inspection Windows

Infrared Inspection Windows

These Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices should be adopted as part of a comprehensive Condition-Based Maintenance System. With the proper procedures in place that take advantage of this technology, companies are able to monitor the health of their assets and schedule necessary maintenance before an unplanned event occurs, causing costly downtime and possible injury of fatality. 

It's Time Your Infrared Window Fitted Your Needs and Applications

The patented IRISS reinforced optic is flexible and can be manufactured in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. This allows the IR technician safe access to energized targets previously considered impossible. Direct temperature measurement is now available on those unique applications without the increased risk associated with opening doors or removing covers and guards. IRISS’ state-of-the-art ISO accredited manufacturing facility features a completely vertically integrated production system including metal fabrication, bending, welding, paint & label making. We utilize rapid prototyping via 3D scanning, modelling and 3D printing techniques which enhances our ability to create custom solutions in record time.

There is no such thing as a standard IR inspection so why should there only be a standard IR Window? IRISS is the only IR window manufacturer with solutions for unique applications. FlexIR Custom IR windows meet your needs and applications including transformers, panel boards, load centers, switchboards, busway and much more. Flex IR Large format replacement panels are now UL Listed replacement components (UL File E 491496). we also have an extensive library of designs for many common OEM products.

FlexIR Custom Panel Replacements

Enhance your Condition Based Reliability program by replacing access panels or doors on panelboards, switchboards or switchgear with IRISS UL-listed custom panels containing maintenance inspection windows.  Maintenance inspection windows within the panels can be infrared capable only, or a combination of infrared and ultrasound technologies.  Any size, shape or color of inspection window can be incorporated into the replacement panel, so all targets are within the field of view for non-invasive infrared thermographic inspections.  Safe and routine inspections are now possible on energized electrical assets ensuring that any anomaly will be detected long before a failure occurs.


The FlexIR-Clear range of products is another innovative addition to the custom solutions from IRISS to ensure that your inspection windows meet your needs and applications. One of the most difficult things to overcome in infrared inspections of electrical systems is imaging through the clear polycarbonate safety guards that are often installed in front of electrical connections. These touch-proof barriers completely block the transmission of infrared radiation and become a secondary hazard to the infrared technician who must remove them to be able to scan the targets they are meant to protect. FlexIR-Clear Series are made from a UL approved flame-retardant plastic and maintain the IP20 touch-safe requirement. The machined hex pattern in the FlexIR-Clear pane allows for infrared energy transmission. Standard and custom sizes are available to meet any application.

VPT Series

An evolutionary step in infrared (IR) windows, the Platinum Series VPT utilizes our exclusive Poly-View System™ technology to allow the use of any thermography camera to monitor energized electrical equipment. The world’s only clear polymer IR window optic enables visual inspections, traditional IR inspections utilizing cameras across the entire IR spectrum and allows for UV inspections to be performed with a corona camera. The Platinum Series VPT IR windows are industrial grade with a patented reinforced grill that exceeds high voltage switchgear viewing pane standards. VPT Series windows can be used in indoor or outdoor applications and offer a lower cost solution for many applications where a smaller window will suffice.
Ten Advantages of Polymer IR Windows
Ten Advantages of Polymer IR Windows
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