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Shiftconnector Webinar Coming June 3

May 19, 2021

What is Plant Process Management and why should I care?

Novaspect partner Eschbach offers Shiftconnector®, a highly functional Plant Process Management solution providing manufacturing companies numerous benefits as they digitally transform. The Shiftconnector solution keeps operators organized to efficiently manage the routine but, more importantly, it also provides the foundation to allow them to effectively manage the non-routine. Furthermore, Shiftconnector supports structured shift handover, ensuring complete transfer of contextual information regarding the non-routine from one operator to the next.  A safe and efficient plant results from a workforce that shares contextual knowledge of what is occurring currently and what has occurred in recent shifts. Please download and review a whitepaper providing background information on PPM.
Download Whitepaper Now

Please join us for a Webinar on June 3, 2021 as we provide an overview and demonstration of how Shiftconnector can be an essential element of PPM and your Digital Transformation.


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