Valve Repair Services

Valve Repair Services

Novaspect offers the most comprehensive mechanical repair services in our marketplace. We offer unrivaled valve expertise, highly qualified asset managers, an experienced outage management team, and the talents of Midwest Valve Services and Fisher Lifecycle Services teams. With these broad resources, capabilities and experience we are prepared to meet all of your mechanical repair and outage needs.

Serving You for the Lifecycle of Your Plant

For 40 years, Fisher Lifecycle Services has been a provider of trusted expertise for reliability-centered control valve maintenance. A network of local business partners, service centers, manufacturing sites, and sales representatives puts experienced professionals when and where you need it. Highly skilled Fisher Certified Technicians provide effective maintenance, helping increase valve reliability, efficiency, and process availability through flexible, local service.

Startup and Commissioning

When you are faced with startup and commissioning, there is a lot riding on your ability to get the plant or process up and running on time and within budget. Novaspect has the backing of Fisher Lifecycle Services resources, technical expertise, and experience to facilitate vital start up services and meet requirements for quality control in the commissioning process. Provision of appropriate documentation, including real-time status reports, allows your in-house staff to focus efforts on other responsibilities. Our services are tailored to meet plant or process needs as well as designed to control costs and stay on schedule. We provide specialized expertise to perform startup and commissioning activities using industry leading quality management safety processes to ensure that both assets and personnel are protected.

Diagnostic Services

When precision is critical to help keep your process operating optimally, you need your valves to perform to industry and factory specifications. Novaspect has the backing of Fisher Lifecycle Services’ skilled, certified field technicians that carefully analyze control valves using diagnostic services to identify maintenance priorities and develop a proactive plan detailing when devices should receive maintenance, be repaired, or replaced with next generation technologies. After completing a diagnostic service, technicians produce a clear report indicating asset health, areas of potential risks, and a prioritized recommend action plan.

Control Valve Repair

Novaspect is committed to handling your maintenance needs for repair and restoration of Fisher control valves to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Our Fisher Lifecycle Services technicians are factory-certified and equipped to maintain control valves through proper OEM procedures and parts, ensuring your Fisher valves are rebuilt to factory standards. Certified Repair program helps keep processes safe, productivity high, and costs low throughout your plant’s lifecycle.

On Demand Services

We’re there when and where you need us, whether it’s starting up a new plant or process, troubleshooting maintenance issues, or preparing for next generation technology installation. Novaspect can help address immediate problems through our On Demand Services using Fisher Lifecycle Services’ Fisher Certified Technicians for flexible, local service. Backed by years of application expertise and factory authorization, Novaspect professionals can provide innovative insight into process to maximize operations throughout the lifecycle of your plant.

Local Service and Repair

Novaspect can provide immediate answers and world-class service through a vast network of Fisher Lifecycle Services’ Certified Technicians. We are strategically located to provide support with access to Fisher product manufacturing records and engineering drawings through our Fisher Lifecycle Service locations which house state-of-the-art equipment to address any problems in a plant or process. Technicians are factory qualified with in-depth, hands-on training, safety awareness, and ongoing education throughout their service career. A comprehensive vehicle fleet is ready to bring the right capabilities, tools, and equipment directly to your plant site to assist with repairs.

Quick Ship Parts and Assemblies

Novaspect offers the fast alternatives to factory lead times through Quick Ship and other comprehensive service programs. Access to the Fisher family of parts, assemblies, and drawings ensure swift delivery to help get your plant or process back up and running quickly and safely.

Outage and Turnaround Management

Novaspect has access to the personnel, tools, equipment, and procedures to provide you a professionally planned and executed outage – turning necessary downtime into an opportunity for improvement through Outage and Turnaround Management. Using our Fisher Lifecycle Service team’s proven Six Step Process begins at first engagement to evaluate, plan, execute, and review your maintenance turnaround to stay on schedule and within budget. The program includes scope definition, complexity determination, skill identification, and schedule recommendations for a successful turnaround.

Emergency Response Services

From damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment and replacement, Novaspect provides service to get your plant up and running quickly, ensuring safe and reliable return to operation after an emergency. Experience with disaster recovery has provided opportunity to create a comprehensive project management structure to ensure the right path is followed for efficient recovery. When you have an emergency, count on the Novaspect team for expert services to help you rebuild, renew, and restore your plant.

In-Line Machining

Novaspect is fully equipped with the right tools and expertise through our Fisher Lifecycle Service team to perform any operation needed to restore Fisher equipment back to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification. In-line machining capabilities allow technicians to cut valve seats and gasket landings on the valve body inline, eliminating the need to pull the valve out of the process.

Equipment Upgrade Modifications

Novaspect offers obsolescence planning services to combining proactive maintenance practices with next generation technology planning. Preparation for critical component replacement using the extensive network of Fisher Lifecycle Services facilities can minimize costly disruption to your plant operations and help unlock its true capacity. Replace outdated equipment during the next maintenance turnaround to ensure uninterrupted production, minimize capital costs, and provide operating budget certainty.

OEM Replacement Parts

Novaspect in conjunction with Fisher Lifecycle Services’ network supports Fisher parts needs in any emergency. Our integrated local business partner network and Fisher Lifecycle Services provide unmatched local point of customer contact with delivery of process control application knowledge and complimentary capabilities. Novaspect flexible deployment of highly skilled, Fisher Certified Technicians from Fisher Lifecycle Services locations strategically located near customer process plants provide repair capabilities for all types of control valves and associated field instruments. Our comprehensive Quick Ship parts and assemblies program, along with Fisher process control products and spare parts, assist us in fast response times to your needs.

Encore – Refurbished Valves

When your process is down, time is of the essence. Novaspect in conjunction with Fisher Lifecycle Services’ Encore Program offers you a cost-effective, dependable way to replace worn-out valves fast. Assembled by expert technicians, these remanufactured units meet original OEM specs which often exceed industry standards, offering you effective performance without the wait. Encore’s rigorous remanufacturing process guarantees each Fisher valve is checked against OEM specifications identified in ANSI B16.34 standards for form, fit, and function. Encore is also certified and authorized to apply both FM and CSA marks to Fisher Instrumentation. So when you receive your Encore remanufactured Fisher valve, it’s been through as built testing which includes hydrostatic, operational and seat leakage, as well as diagnostic FlowScanner testing before receiving its certification name plates. Take the anxiety out of problem valves and reduce process downtime with “instant repair” using our Encore Program.