Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas Distribution

Novaspect’s Natural Gas Solutions business unit is a leading provider of measurement, instrumentation, engineering services, repair services, pressure regulation and control solutions to the natural gas distribution, transmission and storage markets throughout the Midwest.

Our capabilities range from custom engineered flow and pressure monitoring stations at the well-head within natural gas storage facilities to town border station design including odorizers, heaters, and pressure regulation valves/regulators all the way down to the house service regulator controlling the natural gas pressure to your homes appliances.

Through our business partnership with Emerson Process Management, Novaspect is prepared to offer our natural gas customers ideal solutions for their process control equipment requirements and offer a variety of engineering services ranging from up front project management to aftermarket support.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pressure Regulators and Control Valves – Novaspect, Inc. provides Fisher Controls brand pressure regulators and control valves and instrumentation.
  • Remote Automation Solutions – Emerson Process Management RAS Division products provided by Novaspect include Bristol Controlwave RTU & Flow computers, Fisher Controls ROC and FloBoss devices and Daniel DL8000 panel loaders.
  • Natural Gas Odorization – Novaspect Provides complete odorization solutions that include the Tartarini Dosador-D pumpless odorizer with Fisher ROC controller and Rosemount tank gaging.
  • Line and Pilot Heaters – Novaspect is an authorized dealer of CCI Thermal Heater solutions that provide a variety of solutions for heating pilot supply gas up to large town border/city gate station line heaters .
  • Filters and Separators – 3L filtration solutions provided by Novaspect allow for gas treatment by filtering and separating particulars and heavy hydrocarbons within your gas stream.
  • Engineering Services – Novaspect’s staff of process control engineers and project managers are able to assist your company in designing odorization solutions, to programming RTU/Flow Computers for gas measurement and monitoring, to providing project management services handling all facets of complex station redesign.
  • Repair Services – Novaspect’s partnership with Emerson I&VS and Midwest Valve Services (Novaspect subsidiary company)  allow us to provide our natural gas customers the ability to outsource their valve, regulator and instrument repair needs to our experienced and certified experts.