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SpartakusTech APM Webinar

No Charge
  • Schaumburg, IL
    Sep 14, 2023
    60 minutes

A FACTORY IN YOUR POCKET - Discover SpartakusTech APM

Discover SpartakusTech APM, the intuitive platform that links asset health to maintenance strategies. Whether you're a small growing business or a large global enterprise, this innovative all-in-one solution has been designed to help you greatly optimize your operations: 

· Make data-driven decisions based on powerful reporting and metrics that deliver predictable performance. 

· Create a seamless connection between asset condition, strategy, and execution to optimize maintenance resources, effectively reduce unplanned costs, mitigate risk, and avoid catastrophic failures. 

· Increase availability and extend asset life through intelligent, real-time, and risk-based reliability management. 

· Maximize your team's efficiency by using a user-friendly and modern software. 

· Optimize workflow, increase visibility into strategy execution and showcase savings to demonstrate maintenance compliance to other departments in your organization. 

Join us to learn how Spartakus APM can provide so much more to your organization beyond the vibration reporting currently provided.

Arnaud Richer
Featured Speaker

Arnaud Richer

Arnaud Richer, B. Eng, CPI, is a representative at Spartakus Technologies with 3 years of experience as a reliability engineering consultant and infrared thermographic analyst. He has work in different industries to create and optimize preventive maintenance program, plan weekly and yearly shutdowns, create mechanical thermographic maintenance program, and others.