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Increase Production Output Increase Production Output
Leadership training for relatively inexperienced team to achieve industrial best practices
Customer operation experienced an improved line startup relative to similar startup projects
Measurably high-quality resin was produced in first batch after line startup


Automated, distributed control system for industrial organic processing of specialty chemicals


Specialty contract chemical manufacturer producing epoxy resins and other epichlorohydrin derivative, as well as other reaction and distillation services


Customer was expanding their facility with an additional processing reactor train housed in a new building requiring Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) intrinsically safe for hazardous conditions. All primary vessels and associated pumps, piping and control systems were custom manufactured for this service and are located within the new building.

The epichlorohydrin bulk storage tanks, located in a remote external tank farm, were designed to meet the specialty chemical contract requirements. Compared to “typical” batch epoxy reactors, the primary reactor is relatively large at 12,500 gal. which provides high throughput. A second 12,500 gal. vessel serves as a versatile container for additional secondary reaction and treatment as needed for solvent washing and vacuum stripping of epichlorohydrin or solvent with azeotrope recovery. A third 12,500 gal. vessel adds additional post-reaction flexibility.


Novaspect engineers collaborated with the customer team to design a DeltaV control system fitted to the new batch process and reactor train. Despite the advantages of a brownfield expansion, the project had a tight schedule and budget constraints.

The custom configuration included DeltaV Characterization Module (CHARMS)Technology with AMS and DeltaV Batch. AMS Device Manager helps avoid unnecessary costs with a universal window into the health of intelligent field devices. It gives maintenance and operations personnel the ability to work smarter. Based on real-time condition data from intelligent field devices, plant staff can respond fast and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace equipment or field devices.

Addition of chemical processing equipment line increased production output and capabilities – both made possible by integrating DeltaV distributed control system.

Benefits & Measurable Results

  • Novaspect engineers provided project implementation leadership and best practices to train a relatively inexperienced customer project team.
  • Customer experienced a profitable line startup relative to similar startup projects in the past.
  • High-quality results were produced on the first batch after startup.
  • Due to the success of this project, the customer has accelerated the modernization of this and other production facility sites with similarly designed DeltaV distributed control systems.