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Improved Operations Improved Operations
Improved turnaround scoping process with a mechanism for validating scope
Return-On-Investment: Overall ROI was $175K


The processes include producing transportation fuels and including gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, as well as other products such as propane and asphalt


Large Midwest refinery processor


Turnarounds (TAR) are scheduled events wherein an entire process unit of an industrial plant (refinery in this case) is taken offstream for an extended period for revamp and/or renewal.

Turnarounds can be expensive, both in terms of lost production while the process unit is offline and in terms of direct costs for the labor, tools, heavy equipment, and materials used to execute the project. They are the most significant portion of a plant’s yearly maintenance budget and can affect the company’s bottom line if mismanaged.

Historically, this particular refinery has had a conservative approach to valve-related TAR planning. A large number of control valves were identified as valves that needed to be overhauled during every TAR opportunity. During the scoping process, the customer would historically err on the side of caution when selecting which control valves should be overhauled. On average, over 80% of control valves were deemed to be in fine shape after they were opened and inspected. This was viewed as inefficient and wasteful. To improve on TAR spending and overall efficiencies in the scoping process, the customer decided to perform more rigorous scoping of the valves in the refinery unit.


Novaspect and Fisher Lifecycle Services partnered to provide a valve condition monitoring solution for the TAR on one refinery process unit. Emerson technicians would analyze online diagnostics that would be running while the refinery was in service. Emerson would then provide a monthly report on the health status of the control valves and review it with plant personnel. This process helped identify a significant number of valves that were operating satisfactorily and could therefore be omitted from the upcoming TAR scope.

Novaspect and Fisher Lifecycle Services partnered to provide a control valve condition monitoring solution on one process unit that helped identify a number of valves that were operating sufficiently and could be omitted from the upcoming TAR scope.


Through the smart utilization of Emerson connected services offerings on control valves, the customer was able to save an estimated $200K on overhaul costs. Overall, the Return On Investment (ROI) on the project was about $175K.

Emerson, Fisher Lifecycle Services, and Novaspect offer a wide range of valve repair and preventive maintenance programs and control system support services to industrial customers. All are designed to help achieve business objectives, reduce or contain operating and service costs, and keep control systems running at peak performance. It is a partnership that understands your business and can help you operate your plant safely, reliably, and more efficiently.