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Real Data. Real Time.
Asset Reliability Maintenance & Reporting

Real Data. Real Time.

ARMR is your real-time asset management tool. It's fast and easy to use, providing visible, searchable access to the state of your assets. With our ARMR multi-function platform you'll get efficient, reliable, and instant asset data tracking for repairs, planning, maintenance, and reporting.
Enter, view, share & report data instantly.
Know where you stand for compliance & planning.
Optimize maintenance and support.

Three Steps to Asset Data at Your Fingertips:

1. Contact your Novaspect Sales Representative to schedule a personal training.
2. Get your ARMR portal link; set up your ARMR login.
3. Build your asset database with help from your Novaspect Sales Representative — view and share!
"Our enhanced ability to provide comprehensive, real-time service reporting and data management provides more value to our customers. Whether it’s related to a single valve repair or a large turnaround, ARMR™ can provide customers with a better all-round experience. When the service engagement is done it’s the data that will help drive better decisions, maintain compliance, improve asset reliability and allow for proactive planning to take place."
Chris Jones, Director of Asset Reliability Services

ARMR Advantages:

Customer Web Portal: with real-time & pictorial reporting; plus organized asset information with search features
Ease of Use: 24/7/365 online access plus database containing complete asset history
Contact us to talk to an expert about out how you can use our ARMR tool to increase your operation's reliability, productivity, and profitability.
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