When it comes to natural gas regulators, there’s only one name to know – Fisher. That’s why our team at Novaspect relies on Fisher natural gas regulators as part of our process control engineering. Fisher regulators are designed to handle gas and oil under the most demanding situations.

Fisher Regulators

You can’t afford the lost productivity or downtime that comes with regulator failure. Both Novaspect and Fisher adhere to the highest standards in the industry, with a commitment to innovative and reliable product design.

No matter what your industrial needs are, Fisher natural gas regulators are built to handle them. You can find them in stainless steel, steel, Monel, Hatelloy C, ethylenepropylene, fluoroelastomers, perfluoroelastomers and Teflon. All come NACE certified.

Deploying Fisher Gas Control Regulators

Novaspect has utilized Fisher regulators for transmission pipelines, city gate stations, farm taps, odorizing, and residence and commercial service regulators.

Whether involved in tank pressure, component manufacturing, analytical instrumentation, environmental compliance, or electric manufacturing, Fisher regulators come in a myriad of body sizes, orifice sizes, outlet pressure settings and connections.

Our Novaspect team can help you improve your process control design with the latest components from our partners at Fisher. Contact us today for help designing or upgrading a system with the latest innovations from Fisher.

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