Isolation Valves

Isolation Valves and Actuation

No matter what industry you’re in, your process control demands the most innovative and technologically advanced valves and actuators. Novaspect offers a full range of Final Control Isolation Valves, automated and manual, on/off valve products including ball, globe, butterfly and gate valves. Each valve can be automated with actuators, limit switches, and indicators, and fitted for almost any bus communications.

Our experienced team at Novaspect can help you choose the right components for your plant process, including:

  • Isolation valves that provide reliable, consistent performance, no matter the system to which they belong.
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or electric automatic isolation valves and actuators that ensure reliable service and performance in complex systems.
  • Final control elements to carry out the corrective action and bring process to a safe state.

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Our Novaspect engineering team has seen all kinds of operations, from big to small and everyday to safety-critical. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your specific process.

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