Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

Where: Our mechanical seal solution programs are leveraged across all industries including chemical, ethanol, pulp and paper, power, metals and mining, food and beverage, as well as water and wastewater plants. Mechanical seals are installed on rotating equipment – pumps, mixers, agitators, and other equipment primarily for fluid handling applications.

Why: To simplify installation and maintenance, improve reliability, reduce emissions, extend the asset life, and to reduce process variability.

How: Proper seal selection and installation extends the useful life of the seal and the equipment it is sealing. Chesterton has a number of innovative designs including their split seal technology, single setscrew locking collar, and double seal offerings that reduce installation time and improve overall sealing performance.

Considerations: Chesterton leads with the five key characteristics of good mechanical seal design. These include protective springs, balanced design, non-fretting, monolithic seal faces, and stationary design.


Split Seals

Cartridge Seals

Cassette Seals

Dry Gas Seals

Bellows Seals

Slurry Pump Seals

Mixer & Agitator Seals

Component Seals

Specialty Seals

Sealing Support Systems

Custom Mechanical Seal Design

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