Fluid Sealing

Fluid Sealing, Protective Coatings & Industrial Lubricants

Novaspect is proud to be an exclusive Chesterton distributor for Illinois (North/East), Indiana (Northwest), Michigan (U.P.), and Wisconsin. Our mission is to help our customers operate with certainty through reducing emissions, improving reliability, improving safety, increasing production throughput, and improving quality. To do this, we provide customer valued fluid sealing solutions through the innovative application of technology. Our reliability specialists and inside sales engineers, along with Chesterton’s engineering and customer service teams, collaborate with our customers on the application engineering for the proper selection and installation of Mechanical Seals, Packing, Polymer Seals, Composite Coatings, as well as industrial lubricants and MRO Chemicals. See: Chesterton Core Products Catalog .

We can help you achieve your plant and corporate initiatives in the following areas:

Improving Reliability:

  • Extends the time between replacement of seals, packing, and gasket
  • Extends the useful life of pumps, mixers, and tanks

Improving Safety and Reducing Emissions

  • Reduces or eliminates leaks
  • Minimizes emissions – liquid, gas, steam

Reducing Water Consumption & Energy Usage

  • Reduced seal water consumption by limiting flow or leveraging barrier tanks
  • Engineered sealing solutions reduce flush water from entering the process

Mechanical Seals

A comprehensive line of seals that are seen as the industry standard for sealing pumps, mixers, reactors, dryers and other rotating equipment.

Mechanical Packing

Mechanical Packing and Gaskets for reliable service for sealing rotating, reciprocating and stationary equipment.

Polymer Seals

Polymer Seals, a broad range of industrial standard and custom seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotating Equipment.

ARC Composite Coatings

ARC Composite Coatings, a comprehensive line of coatings for Metal and Concrete surface Erosion/ Corrosion control and Flooring Systems.

Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals

Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals, a broad range of Cleaners, Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids and Maintenance Specialty products.