Electronic Logbooks

Electronic Logbooks

A common problem…

Did you know that on average 60% of all accidents or serious incidents at operating plants occur within 30 minutes of the shift change or as a direct result of poor or incorrect shift handover information?

Minimize shift handover risk

Streamline your handover process to minimize risk and increase operator effectiveness. The shift change dashboard makes it easy to identify priorities for the new shift and provides clear documentation of events/issues from the previous shift.

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Improve task management and event visibility

Enable operators to respond more quickly to issues with improved task management. The LOGBOOKS dashboard delivers real-time plant condition data to guide faster, more focused action. Tasks and log entry flags ensure necessary work is not forgotten. Set and manage priorities instead of reacting to issues.

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Resolve issues quickly with electronic knowledge base

Search through past log entries to find how the same or similar issues were solved previously. Old log entries are easy to find, easy to read, and accurate. Maintain your knowledge base of information without file cabinets of paper log books.

LOGBOOKS is available as:

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