Document Control

Document Control & Archiving

Document Control and Archiving (DCA) is a full electronic document management system. With DCA, users can maintain full control of their documents including version management and electronic routing, review, and approval, while meeting 21CFR Part 11 compliance requirements for those regulated industries. DCA supports searching across multiple repositories and servers.

Document Control and Archiving (DCA) Express is a full electronic document management system (EDMS) that comes bundled with all the hardware and software required. Pre-installed on a server with all third-party software licenses, just add the server to your network and you have a fully functioning EDMS. DCA Express comes pre-configured for faster start-up time, comes with 40-consulting hours that can be used in any fashion desired (training, additional configurations, etc), and includes training at Emerson’s Education Center. DCA Express comes with 50 users and is fully upgradeable to full DCA or can be integrated with any of the other Syncade Suite applications.

DCA_document management diagram1

What Does an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Do?

  • Create Workflows via drag and drop
    • Parallel
    • Serial
    • Combination
  • Assign Delegates
  • Workflow Escalation
  • Reviewers and Approvers electronically sign
  • Enforced minimum reviewers and/or approvers
  • Support for attachments and redlines
  • Automatic promotion in accordance with configured business rules
  • Authors, reviewers and approvers notified via email throughout lifecycle – as configured

Document Stamping

  • Highly configurable
    • PDF watermarks for viewing and printing
    • Automatic document numbering
    • Document version labels
    • Cover pages
  • Print document packages with document print history
  • Print and Record specific batch campaign information such as:
    • Order Number
    • Lot Number
    • Lot Size
    • Supports calculations

EDMS Document Properties

  • Document lifecycle archiving
    • Target End Review
    • Target Effective
    • Training Integration
    • Review Period
    • Printing history
  • Track related/ cross-reference documents numbers
    • Where referenced
    • Related document function
  • Document lifecycle that maintains pending, approved, effective, canceled, and all archived versions of documents

Kiosk Mode

  • Always utilize current and effective documents
  • Replace procedure binders
  • Control
    • Printing
  • Print Expiration Date
    • Viewing

Document Searching

  • Flexible document organization through user-defined folder structure
  • Connect multiple DCA systems for data sharing
  • Best practice and information sharing across multiple sites
  • Rapid employee adoption and use
  • Individual site user permissions and repository structure

Who Is Document Control & Archiving For?

  • Engineering
    • Drawing: P&IDs, Mechanical/Architectural/etc
    • Calibration Procedures
    • Equipment Manuals/Cut sheets
  • Quality
    • Corporate Polices
    • SOPs
    • Validation documents
    • Analytical Test Methods
    • Training Requirements(cGMP, OSHA, etc)
    • Manufacturing Records
  • Finance/ Sales
    • Contracts
    • Statements
    • Proposals

Document Management Benefits

  • Decrease cycle times for document preparation
  • Decrease number of entries and document pages
  • Decrease time required to review documents
  • Eliminate paper copies
  • Eliminate Storage Costs
  • Reduce Training Costs
  • Improve Compliance

Document Control & Archiving

  • Any size Company
    • Fully scalable to needs of any sized company
    • Supports Network Load Balancing (NLB)
    • Thin client for use globally if assigned user ID and password
    • Internet Explorer ONLY required on client station
  • Any type of Industry
    • For FDA regulated industries, fully compliant with 21CFR Part 11
    • Full audit trail
    • For non-FDA regulated industries, security features to ensure documents are confidential

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Emerson Process Management: Document Management Module

The SYNCADE Document Management module from Emerson is an electronic document management system designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements, including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and environmental agency regulations. Users can maintain full control of their documents, including version management and electronic routing, review, and approval.

The Document Management module can support electronic document management system (EDMS) initiatives from small scale to a complete global solution. More details here.

For more detailed information about SYNCADE Document Control & Archiving products from Emerson Process Management click here.