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Improve the Shift Handover with Shiftconnector
Greater Clarity and Insight

Improve the Shift Handover with Shiftconnector

  • Shift Handovers Made Easy
  • All managers are informed and up to date
  • Enables smoother operation and continuous improvement
  • Important key data is known across the whole operation
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Shift Handovers Made Easy

Shiftconnector io. tracks and manages all important information that is needed at the time of the shift handover.

  • 360° overview of all events and changes
  • All information known is captured, stored and auditable
  • Efficient shift handover
  • Customizable forms for each operation with XDC

Shiftconnector is a foundational enabler for digital transformation addressing an unlimited number of use cases in a typical manufacturing plant.  Shiftconnector solutions directly support our primary goal of partnering with clients to help them achieve new levels of performance by removing inefficiencies, connecting teams, and transforming data into actionable insights.

All managers are informed and up to date.

All managers are informed and up to date.

Information is clearly compiled for supervisors. Reports can be accessed live at any time. Direct communication with the shift teams simplifies management.

  • ​Overview of special events, with priority and status

  • Increasingly efficient meetings and simpler reporting 

  • E-mail reporting, cyclically or for defined events

  • Communicate tasks and directives straight to the shift teams

Enables smoother operation and continuous improvement

The data in Shiftconnector® io can be analyzed to find optimization potential and sources of error, leading to improved business processes

  • Visual presentation of data and performance figures
  • Filters and search functions highlight errors and faults
  • Communicate, control and determine the benefit of improvement initiatives

Important key data is known across the whole operation

Available data is interpreted in real-time and is presented graphically, e.g. accident free days, OEE, or achievement of shift, daily or monthly targets.

  • Real-time KPIs are available from all work locations on large-screen displays 
  • Individual graphical illustrations
  • Variances and successes are visible faster
  • Simple data links to PCS and other systems

Smarter Plant Operations

If you've noticed an increasing disconnect in information-sharing between shift teams at your plant, it would not be surprising. The lingering pandemic and additional pressure due to supply chain disruptions have led to some additional disconnects in the way manufacturing organizations communicate. But 24/7 operations have always been a challenge for communications. This is why communication protocols are an important layer of protection in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

However, there is relief. By considering the human factor and blending the best attributes of people, machinery, and AI it results in an even more resilient production. Accelerated digitization and IIoT initiatives have enabled further potential data waiting to be leveraged by people. To make use of this data, it must be actionable and get into the hands of the right people. To achieve this, the operation teams need to be equipped with better digital solutions to keep people in charge of mission control firmly in place 24/7.

Since 2005, Shiftconnector® has been helping chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide to connect their operation crews and integrate existing IT and OT applications to ensure safety, improve quality, and increase productivity.

This white paper will give you and your teams an understanding of the common signs of information sharing breakdowns between shift teams. We'll also discuss some proven solutions on how to successfully bridge these gaps.

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