Asset Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring:

Condition monitoring is the main tenant to condition-based maintenance, which is performing maintenance after one or more predictive indicators identify that the equipment’s performance is deteriorating or it is going to fail. It is the process of monitoring certain parameters of rotating equipment like vibration and temperature to identify one or more developing faults. In addition, we believe that being comfortable knowing that “all is good” with your equipment is equally important and allows for scheduling production with confidence. Reliability_Solutions_Inspect-Monitor-Correct_10-30-2018

More than just data collection

It sounds simple – routine monitoring of your rotating equipment results in data necessary for deriving information about the condition of your equipment; however, if the data isn’t accurate, your analysis won’t be either. If you can’t acquire data in a timely manner, you will miss early warnings of developing problems. Emerson’s condition monitoring solutions are specific to the application and criticality of your machines, and deliver data you can count on for accurate diagnosis of machinery condition. In any event, Insight to how your equipment is currently operating and how it might be operating in the future allows for scheduling production with confidence or scheduling maintenance to support your production goals.

PeakVue: Are you looking for an early detection edge?

Emerson’s PeakVue™ technology provides an edge by providing predictive diagnostic knowledge for rolling element bearings. Traditionally, analysis of vibration data required specialized training and tools to extract any information from the data. Emerson’s PeakVue™ technology cuts through the complexity of machinery analysis to provide a simple, reliable indication of equipment health via a single trend. PeakVue™ filters out traditional vibration signals to focus on impacting, a much better indicator of overall asset health on any type of rolling element bearing machine.

Our Offerings:

A key strategy to improving reliability is to monitor the condition of production assets in your plant. We offer a variety of condition indicator technologies in conjunction with our principals, specific to the nature and criticality of those assets. These include portable handheld and asset management solutions, wireless transmitters, online continuous monitoring systems that can include protection capabilities, machinery health sensors, prediction software, mobile apps, oil analysis technologies, and services to support the gathering and interpreting the data, as well as correction services for balancing and alignment, mechanical seal installation, on-line vibration prediction and protection project services.

Advanced Visualization and Mobility:

Plantweb Optics™ is Emerson’s software platform that enables managing asset health across the enterprise by combining data from multiple applications into asset-centric knowledge and visually highlighting this through persona-based alerts and KPI’s for improving the reliability of your rotating equipment, instruments, valves, and other equipment like heat exchangers and steam traps.  Plantweb Optics supports the latest OPC UA technology enabling easy integration to third-party applications for insight on all your important assets.

AMS Machinery Manager can integrate with multiple predictive diagnostic technologies to monitor different types of mechanical assets and identify unique failure symptoms. The modular technology applications incorporate diagnostic and reporting sources into a common database for analysis of machinery health across the entire plant.

Through this integration, you gain a comprehensive view of each monitored machine and more accurate diagnosis of developing problems. Correlation from multiple technologies allows you to identify and fix the root cause of issues once.

Plantweb™ Advisor Suite are applications that provide visual indications of the health, performance, and energy of operating equipment, to allow your plant to run reliably, efficiently, and optimized.

Plantweb™ Health Advisor
This solution analyzes the combination of process and equipment data to report overall asset health for essential assets like pumps, blowers, cooling towers and heat exchangers.

Plantweb™ Performance Advisor helps you to run your process more efficiently, track operating performance against targets, schedule maintenance activities, and determine the root cause of production asset inefficiencies. When your maintenance and operations staff are alerted to degrading asset performance, critical production decisions can be made to mitigate outages and improve your bottom line.

Plantweb™ Energy Advisor is a real-time Energy Management Information System (EMIS) that automates the process of mapping and managing energy consumption, across a site, as it is being consumed. Real-time alerts, dashboards and emails notify decision-makers when energy consumption is greater than expected so that actions c be taken to drive down energy costs.

Online Vibration Monitoring:

The AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter connects easily to any roller bearing machine that runs at greater than 280 RPM. It delivers vibration information over a highly reliable, self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel. The AMS 9420 is ideal for vibration monitoring applications, especially in hard-to-reach or cost prohibitive locations and it provides reliability with advanced accuracy for all installations.

AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

For some rotating assets and the processes associated with them, periodic route-based data collection is insufficient to indicate asset health. Online condition monitoring provides the frequency and types of data necessary to stay on top of developing issues during normal operations and to respond quickly to sudden changes during transient conditions.

Emerson’s AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is a versatile, scalable system that can be deployed in a variety of configurations to deliver online condition monitoring exactly as needed for the application, delivering Visibility to Asset Health 24/7.

The AMS 9330 Vibration Transmitter is a continuously operating vibration transmitter that interfaces with existing plant monitoring systems while automatically detecting vibration levels. Once installed, it converts the analog output of an ICP® accelerometer into a 4-20 mA signal, proportional to monitored vibration. Vibration data is available in plant data historians and/or control systems for trending and analysis with other process parameters. With the AMS 9330, you will gain continuous access to real-time data for early detection of developing mechanical issues.

AssetScan Bearing Fault Monitor: Avoids the costs and complexities of traditional condition monitoring solutions:
• No wiring
• Battery powered, cellular enabled in single box
• No connection to IT or control system
• Convenience of magnetic mount
• Alerts available to anyone, anytime via text or email
• Predictive fault monitor pre-processed at the sensor
• Information is easily digestible and actionable

Route Based – Portable Analyzer:

The AMS 2140 is the next generation in a family of industry-leading vibration analyzers and data collectors from Emerson. As with previous models, the AMS 2140 can provide:
• Route vibration collection
• Advanced vibration analysis
• Cross-channel analysis
• Transient analysis
• Dynamic balancing
• Motor monitoring
• ODS modal analysis

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