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Fisher™ Type 630R Relief Valve
Type 630R is a general relief valve available in NPS 1 & 2 / DN 25 & 50 body sizes for compressor stations, refineries and similar plants requiring backpressure gas regulation settings up to 250psi/7,2bar.
Available in high & low pressure constructions. Low pressure units have larger diaphragm areas to provide accurate control in low pressure settings. High-pressure units can withstand inlet pressure up to 550psi/37,9bar and can control pressures up to 250 psi/17,2bar.
Fisher™ Type 630R Relief Valve


Body Size and End Connection Styles
NPS 1 and 2? / DN 25 and 50; NPT, CL150 RF, CL300 RF, or CL600 RF Flanges
Maximum Inlet Pressure
Low-Pressure Construction: 66 psig / 4,6 bar
High-Pressure: 550 psig / 37,9 bar
Max Inlet Pressure Build-up Above Setpoint (Internal Damage)
Low-Pressure Construction: 25 psig / 1,7 bar
High-Pressure Construction: 250 psig / 17,2 bar
Relief Set Pressure Ranges
Low-Pressure Construction: 3 to 50 psig / 0,21 to 3,4 bar
High-Pressure Construction: 30 to 250 psig / 2,1 to 17,2 bar
Pressure Registration
Temperature Capabilities
Nitrile (NBR), Nylon (PA), and Neoprene (CR): -20° to 180°F / 29° to 82°C
Fluorocarbon (FKM) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): 0° to 300°F / -18° to 149°C


  • Tight Shutoff?
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Ease of Use
  • Interchangeability
  • Sour Gas Service Compatibility


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