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Tartarini™ Fisher™ and Francel™ Customized Stations and Skids
Skids are prefabricated pressure-reducing stations designed to the customer’s specifications, then built to order and include a range of products from our brands, Fisher and Tartarini, such as regulators, manual isolation valves, and piping.
Skids reduce overall costs and include components such as filters, slam-shuts, heaters, and meters. Emerson has many years of experience designing and assembling regulating and metering stations. We have skid manufacturing sites in Brazil, China, Singapore, India, Dubai, France and Italy to respond to local customer specifications in each world area.
Tartarini™ Fisher™ and Francel™ Customized Stations and Skids


City Gate / Transmission / Distribution Stations
High-pressure transmission pipelines move the gas from the production company?s cleaning plants to gas distribution companies for sale to consumers.
Commercial / Industrial Service
Worldwide, natural gas is used for commercial and industrial applications. Commercial applications, such as grocery stores and office buildings, use natural gas for heating and cooling.
Customized Stations
Emerson brings together technology and engineering providing a wide range of manufacturing and processing solutions for all natural gas applications.


  • Meet Higher System Requirements
  • Reduce Ownership Cost
  • Eliminate Emissions
  • Overpressure Protection
  • Reduce Noise Output
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance
  • Control Accuracy
  • Tight Shutoff


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