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Tartarini™ A/140 Series Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators
Construction and performance features make the A/140 Series spring-loaded regulators the ideal choice in applications involving sudden changes in capacity or where the gas shutoff is solenoid-controlled as with domestic or industrial burners.
These regulators can be employed with natural, manufactured, and propane gas as well as air as long as they are adequately filtered and do not contain high percentages of aromatics.
Tartarini™ A/140 Series Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators


Available Configurations
Types A/142 and A/142AP: without slam-shut valve
Types A/149 and A/149AP: with slam-shut valve
Body Allowable Pressure
Up to 20bar
Inlet Pressure Range
100mbar to 6bar
Set Range
10 to 300mbar 300mbar to 500mbar with QL version
Accuracy Class
Up to ±5%
Maximum Flow Rate
Up to 900Stm3/h


  • Counterbalanced Valve Disc
  • With or Without Relief Valve
  • OPSO and UPSO Slam Shut Valve
  • Inlet and Outlet In-Line
  • Manual Reset through Rotation of the Reset Shaft Only
  • Monitor Version Available


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