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Anderson Greenwood Series MLCPPilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Series MLCPPilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
A simple, high performance, cost effective internally-sensed modulating large capacity pilot (MLCP) operated valve


  • Rigid integral pilot mounting eliminates the need for mounting brackets and lowers the center of gravity.
  • FKM soft seats and seals reduce emissions and product loss while minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Simple design helps reduce maintenance time.
  • Full bore orifices provide for maximum capacity, reducing valve and associated piping.
  • Internal sensing helps reduce maintenance time, provides for a more compact design and eliminates tubing and fittings.
  • Modulating action helps reduce product loss and maintains pressure stability in the system.
  • Full rated capacity at 10% overpressure allows for increased set pressures and/or a smaller valve in a given application.
  • Manual blowdown via field test connection.
  • Normally-closed solenoid valve at field test connection for remote valve opening (optional).


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