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TE-4 One-Piece Top Entry Inline-Repairable Ball Valve

TE-4 One-Piece Top Entry Inline-Repairable Ball Valve

The TE-4 offers a one-piece rigid body design for genuine in-line repairability, optimal strength, versatility, and minimal leak paths.  The valve body of this second generation design can remain welded in line while internal parts are replaced.  No line breaks are needed.
Model TE-4 is the second generation one-piece top-entry repairable ball valve with truly In-line repairability. No need to
Cornerstone TE-4: One-Piece Top-Entry, In-line, Repairable Ball Valve.
Second generation with genuine in-line repairability: Valve body can remain welded inline while internal parts are replaced.


  • In-line repairable, top-entry, floating design.
  • From -20F to +1,200F (higher temperature available).
  • Truly In-line repairable: No need to cut the valve out of service when maintenance is required (unlike end-entry unibody and three-piece designs).
  • Proprietary metal-to-metal, pressure energized, C-Lok bonnet seal with self-alignment seal memory; eliminates a potential leak path and realignment challenges.
  • 360-degree lapping prevents coating transition peaks which eliminates high friction and torque when cycled.
  • Modular trim kit allows for simple, deliberate repair with a factory trim-set.
  • Scalable design for use in larger applications.
  • Quick, quarter-turn operation mitigates damage from high velocities across seating surfaces (unlike slow opening linear valves).
  • Available with weld pups factory-installed; eliminate field welding dissimilar metals in transition areas.


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