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TE-1, TE-2, & TE-3 Series: Top-Entry Ball Valves

TE-1, TE-2, & TE-3 Series: Top-Entry Ball Valves

The Cornerstone TE-1, TE-2, & TE-3 Series of Top-Entry Ball Valves are trunnion-mounted, bi-directional, shut-off valves. Recommended applications are: oil & gas production of natural gas to 15,000 psig; crude oil; ore slurries; steam & condensate; cryogenic liquid/gas.

TE-1, TE-2, & TE-3: 

■ Primary Features: Top-entry, forged, trunnion ball valve with one-piece ball/stem, block & bleed type (upstream sealing seats), bidirectional/unidirectional, and pressure-balanced or unbalanced ball.
TE-1: One-piece body
TE-2: Two-piece body

TE-3: Three-piece body


  • Metal-to-metal body/bonnet seal: reliable and fire-safe.
  • Solid one-piece ball/stem: stronger, simpler, and more accurate.
  • Pre-loaded, pressure-assisted bi-directional seating: no lateral ball movement along the flow bore: pre-loading provides uniform torque and pressure assistance assures a tighter seal.
  • Engineered stem and seat seals per customer specification.
  • Trunnion bearing supports: assures alignment and reduces ball/seat torque.


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