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Neotecha NeoSeal Lined Butterfly Valves
Neotecha NeoSeal Lined Butterfly Valves-FAMILY
Neotecha NeoSeal PTFE lined butterfly valves are designed according ISO 5752/5 short (EN 558-1/T5) with various corrosion resistant disc materials.
These valves are ideally suited for corrosive applications, requiring reliable performance, tight shutoff, constant torque and no maintenance.
Neotecha NeoSeal Lined Butterfly Valves


Ductile Iron
Operating Temperature
Less Than 200 C
Pressure Class
Seat/Seal Type
Valve Size Standard
Valve Type


  • The pressure to keep the two sealing surfaces of the stem seal together is provided by an upper and lower set of Belleville springs resulting in a superior stem seal, which is TA-Luft / VDI 2440 approved.
  • The elastomer back-up pads behind the liner ensure a tight fit around the disc, for a bubble tight shut-off.
  • The liner provides a wide flange sealing surface.
  • A one piece thin disc stem lined with 3 mm molded PFA providing high Kv values.
  • The liner and disc are the only two valve parts in contact with the medium.
  • Primary shaft sealing by preloaded contact between disc and liner hub.
  • Secondary shaft seal by oversizing the shaft diameter in relation to the shaft hole in the liner.
  • The liner and disc are molded and machined to close tolerances to provide:
    • low torque
    • less stress and deformation during opening and closing
  • Vacuum tests with helium with pressures less than 20 Pa absolute (0.2 mbarA).
  • Optional TFM lining available for extremely demanding applications.
  • Integral body locating holes to ensure perfect centering of the valve.
  • Actuator flange and stem dimensions acc. ISO 5211.


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