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Fisher™ Whisper™ NXG Trim
Fisher Whisper NXG trim for globe control valves allows you to use smaller valves where previously capacity limited without reduction in noise abatement, providing 20% more flow capacity than the market.
Using the Whisper NXG trim cage in conjunction with a properly-sized valve body can substantially reduce the noise level of the control application. Aerodynamic noise is generated by the turbulence created in the flow of vapor, gas, or steam as the fluid passes through a control valve.
Fisher™ Whisper™ NXG Trim


Critical Service
Noise abatement
Flow Characteristic
Valve Size Standard
Pressure Class
17-4, 316L, R31233
Process Media:
Gas, vapor, or steam
Other Configurations
Contact your local Emerson sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.


  • Whisper NXG Performance - Up to 20% more capacity than competitors, with the Fisher features the industry trusts, allowing for use of smaller globe valves where previously capacity limited.
  • Additive Manufacturing - The use of 3d printing eliminates jet structure limitation, shifts noise, and maximizes flow efficiency.
  • Improved Environmental Capabilities.


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