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ASCO™ 317 Quick-Exhaust Solenoid Valves
The ASCO Series 317, also known as 8317, is a line of quick-exhaust solenoid valves designed for quick venting to 0 psi through the exhaust orifice to quickly shift control valves.
The valves are available in low-power, intrinsically safe, voltage-ranging, and harsh environment constructions. The 317 Series is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as automotive, analytic and diagnostic instruments, biofuels, dust collector systems, and heating equipment.
ASCO™ 317 Quick-Exhaust Solenoid Valves


Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Air Pilot
Body Material
Brass, Stainless Steel
Air, Inert Gas, Light Oil, Water
Pipe / Port Size
1/4 "; 3/8 "
Port Type
3 way - 3/2 Normally Closed, 3 way - 3/2 Normally Open
From 0.1 Cv to 0.5 Cv, From 0.5 Cv to 1.0 Cv, From 1.0 Cv to 2.0 Cv, From .2 to .43 Kv, From .43 to .86 Kv, From .86 to 1.73 Kv
24 AC, 110 AC, 480 AC, 6 DC, 12 DC, 24 DC, 48 DC, 120 DC, 240 DC, 12 to 24 DC Voltage Ranging, 24 to 120 AC/DC Voltage Ranging, 100 to 240 AC/DC Voltage Ranging, 125 DC Battery Charging
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 150 PSIG, 150-500 PSIG
Operating Environment
Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 3S, Type 4, Type 4X, Type 6, Type 6P, Type 7, Type 9, UL, ATEX Zone 0-20, Class I Div 1, Class I Div 2, CSA, IEC Ex Zone 0-20


  • RedHat Next Generation version uses electronics technology to manage power, providing less energy consumption and enhanced pressure and flow ratings
  • Low-power model has one-piece solenoid with highly efficient solenoid cartridge and special low-wattage coil. Designed for automotive automation applications with PLC compatibility
  • Resilient seated poppets for tight shutoff
  • Mountable in any position for easy installation


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