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An integrated transaction management and accounting system for the midstream gas gathering and processing markets.


  • Gathering - the gas gathering and processing product tracks ownership of the raw wet gas stream from the natural gas wellhead to a processing plant. The system assesses gathering and compression fees for the movement of the raw wet gas stream to the proc
  • Plant Processing - the accounting transactions created at the processing plant are used to pay producers for their share of the gas products that fall out of the wet gas stream at the processing plant, leaving only the dry gas to enter pipelines
  • Transportation - the transportation product, used by pipelines to track the movement of the dry gas, also keeps up with the title transfer of the dry gas molecules from one party to another, as well as assesses transportation and compression fees for the
  • Additional Capabilities - GasStream offers built in security, robust auditing, ad hoc reporting, web integration, and much more built on the latest, fully-scalable technology
  • Powerful, Easy-To-Use, and Secure - GasStream has been built on the ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) 4 framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications. The product uses well-established design patterns and GUIs for intuitive use, min
  • Robust Auditing - auditing in GasStream is built into the data access layer, clearly capturing when data was changed within each transaction
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting - GasStream utilizes the power of an advanced, third party reporting tool, empowering users to quickly and dynamically create and edit reports to make faster, better decisions
  • Fast, Modern Web Pages, GasStream is built on HTML 5, allowing organizations to grow with the technology and the pages can scale according to the device being used, from cell-phone to tablet or desktop
  • Scalable Architecture, clients are able to use load balancing or fail-over scenarios for the application, ensuring high levels of performance for any size organization
  • Hosted, Subscription Option - a hosted, subscription option that can dramatically reduce implementation time and give you financial flexibility. Ask us about our no cost, no risk pilot program


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