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Hotfix Installation Service
Hotfix Installation Service
Emerson’s Hotfix Installation Service offers you the creation of a custom hotfix installer for your system.
The Hotfix Installation Service gives you the freedom to define the desired hotfix level to upgrade the system using minimal manual steps to streamline the upgrade process to maximize efficiency.
Hotfix Installation Service


Receive one-time installation
Installing hotfixes one-by-one can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Save time and effort by having Emerson’s expert engineers install the one-time bundle for you.
Reduce potential for error
Each time a single hotfix is installed, you are at risk for errors to occur. For example, you are required to input your username, password and path during each installation. Entering this information multiple times can increase the risk of errors with the installation. By installing a custom hotfix, this information will only be entered once instead of once per hotfix.
Meet your specific needs
Emerson experts with deep knowledge of past proven solutions will collaborate with you to help determine your specific upgrade needs. They will assist in identifying your requirements and upgrade risks as well as implementing mitigation actions and post-upgrade results assessment.


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