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Compact Provers
Packaged in static or mobile configurations, Emerson Small Volume Provers are the most accurate and flexible solution for volumetric or mass meter proving.
Choose these compact, cost-effective provers for high mobility and on-time availability.
Compact Provers


Flow Rate
Up to 25,000 BPH (3,972 m3/hr)
Operating Pressure Range
Up to 1500 ANSI
Process Temperature
-43°C to +260°C (-46°F to +500°F)
For Meter Types
Liquid Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis, Positive Displacement
Process Product
Crude Oil, LPG, Refined Products, Petrochemical, Chemical
Custody Transfer, Non-Custody Transfer, Production, Liquid Pipelines, FPSO/FSO, Refining, Terminals, Tank Farms, Calibration Laboratories
Equipment/Material Included
Meters, Valves, Strainers, Pipe/Fittings, Structural Steel, Instrumentation, Controls/HMI, Wiring, Connection Arms/Hoses, Trailer (for mobile units if required)
Services Included
Project Management, Engineering/Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services


  • Easily move between measurement sites to prove various meter sizes with the prover?s compact design and wide turndown ratio
  • Use with virtually any pulse output flow meter
  • Save significant costs with automated proving of volumetric or mass meters and adjustable mounting configurations
  • Ensure rapid and efficient validation process with single or multi-pass operation and immediate K-factor calculation
  • Maintain reliability with fast leak detection, mechanical fail-safe operation, and self-contained hydraulic retraction system
  • Rely on conformity to guidelines prescribed in API Chapter 4.2 and Pulse Interpolation techniques in API Chapter 4.6
  • Ensure conformance with a wide range of global weights and measures' approvals
  • Sustain ongoing compliance to proving standards and local regulations in fiscal measurement applications


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